what is the point of this museum?

the museum of (un)sent emails is a space where people can store all the sent, unsent or never written emails they don't want to forget. in a way it is a growing archive of people's written memories.

at the same time, the museum exhibition space uses this archive to propose different kinds of exhibitions – seeing an email as a creative medium of expression, elevating this dispensable text to a new level - that of a work of art.

is this museum
a joke?

not at all.

does museum of (un)sent emails exist only virtually?

yes, at the moment we only exist online, but we are already planning some guest appearances in partner institutions. in order not to miss us, subscribe to our newsletter or check updates on our fb page.

can i also add my emails to the museum collection?

of course! it is very easy and fun! you simply visit our submit your emails form:
and fill it in. it takes less than 5 min.

i want to donate my email to the museum but i don't want to reveal my name.

that's ok. you can submit your emails using real names, front letters, nicknames, fake names or stay completely anonymous. all is fine for us!

can i submit an email that is not mine?

no, this is not possible. we believe the email author is the only one that has the right to decide if he/she wants to store his/her emails in our museum. but we are sure you can find great stuff written by you in your inbox!

what are never
written emails?

these are emails that you intended to write, perhaps you had even partially formulated them in your head, but then never sat down to write them. we invite you to finally give these emails a life!